I love making silly and fun one of a kind items! Here are some things that I will make and the ~STARTING~ prices:

-hats $60
-bags $60
-tanks $75
-vests $100
-short sleeved tops $125
-jackets $200
-sweaters/pullovers $200


I ask for half of the total before the item is started, and the rest afterwards. These payments can be made through Venmo or CashApp.

I will not make a piece that is based on someone else’s design! Please send me a description of your idea and I will send you a color sketch of my interpretation and we will go from there.

I do not make simplified versions of my pieces! For example, asking for a style of mine in a solid color or without embellishments etc. is not something I am interested in producing. If my aesthetic does not match your taste, that is fine!  

I prefer not to make too many duplicates of pieces, but if you are interested in an older style, we can work together to come up with something that resembles instead of duplicates!

Please email with your budget and measurements or usual letter/number size and maybe some pictures from my ig page to talk about commissions. :-)